Health & Safety Toolbox Grab The Resell Rights and Master Resell Rights!

Just Before You Check Out why not Grab the Resell Right and Master resell rights to your purchases?

Yes We Are Offering The Resell Rights AND Master Resell Rights To This Great Content

How Does This Work Guys?

It's very simple you can sell the Resell Rights (RR) to the content of your purchases to your customers AND the Master Resell Rights so that they can sell on the Resell Rights and Master Resell Rights to their customers.


This licence ONLY covers the product(s) you have purchased. For example if you have purchased the Heath & Safety Toolbox you will have Resell Rights and Master Resell Rights to that product only.

If you have purchased any of our other offers for the Health and Safety Toolbox the same licence terms apply to those products. You DO NOT have the Resell Rights licence or the Master Resell Rights Licence to products that you have not purchased.

Products Covered By This Licence: If You Have Purchased Any Of The Following Products.

Our Health and Safety Toolbox Products With PLR

Our Health and Safety Toolbox Products OTO1 With PLR

Our Policies and Procedures Package OTO-2 With PLR

Our Woocommerce And Resell Rights Package OTO-3 With PLR

Take A look At The FAQ's

Can I sell the PLR my purchases with both Resell Rights and Master Resell Rights?

Yes, you have a full licence to Resell your Purchased content, you can even sell the Master Resell rights  right to this content if you wish it's up to you! rebrand it, use it as is. The only things you cannot do is to to give it away for as free content unless its is a bonus to another offer or to post it on free sites. You cannot claim to be Rob or Barry.

Is there a minimum price I can sell my purchased products at?

No, the price you sell at is entirely up to you, however given the quality and the quantity of the content we would recommend that you charge a realistic price.

Can I keep 100% of the profits from my sales?

Yes, Rob and Barry don't want a penny of your sales, but be aware that sites such as eBay, Amazon, ETSY etc do levy a small charge so selling though there portals.

Do you offer a refund on this offer?

Sorry, no we don't this is a licence to sell the content of your purchased products .

Guy's I missed one of the offers how can I grab the content?

You can upgrade from the download page, or if you wish at a later date from the access document.

Please Note The Resell Rights And Master Resell Rights Is A Document Download, So No Refunds Can Be Made On This Purchase. If You DO NOT Agree With This Please Do Not Purchase.

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